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A3002-W D2 Deuterium Lamp is equivalent to Waters Model WAS081142. The Lamp comes with a 2000h life guarantee or up to 1 year, whatever comes first applies. Our Lamps are manufactured in Japan.

 The Lamp comes directly from Japan; it is usually available 1 to 3 weeks after purchase.

D2 Lamp for Wateres Intruments 2487, 2488

International Shipping is available. 

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D2 Lamp comparison test data

Instruments: Waters  LC 996 

D2 Lamp: WAT052586


Test Instrument Original WAT052586 Anachem A3001-W 
Data measured Data measured
Intensity at 230nm 43900 cts 52500 cts
Intensity at 240nm 42800 cts 47700 cts
Intensity at 250nm 35000 cts 37800 cts
Intensity at 260nm 26200 cts 29000 cts
Intensity at 270nm 21100 cts 22800 cts
Intensity at 280nm 18300 cts 19400 cts
Intensity at 290nm 18100 cts 19500 cts
Intensity at 254.0nm 34978 cts 35023 cts
10 min. drift ave (10min. at 254nm)  0.152 mAU 0.163 mAU
10 min. noise ave (10min. at 254nm) 0.0334 mAU 0.0326 mAU



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