AS.X2 Analytical balances

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The AS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for analytical balances. The X2 series balances feature the latest generation capacitive display providing the maximum comfort of use, available right at your fingertips. Ease of operation, clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your everyday tasks. 


In new AS.X2 series balances the information system is based on 8 databases which allow several users to work with database storing several products. The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.

The data is registered in 8 databases:

- Users (up to 100 users),
Products (up to 5 000 products),
Weighments (up to 50 000 weighments),
Packaging (up to 100 packaging types),
- Formulas (up to 100 formulas),
- Clients (up to 100 clients),
- Pipettes (up to 500 pipettes),
- ALIBI memory (up to 500 000 weighments). 

The X2 series features option of making reports of 3 different categories:

- Reports on formulas (up to 200 reports)

- Reports on density determination (up to 500 reports),

- Reports on pipettes calibration (up tp 500 reports). 

ALIBI Memory

The X2 series balances feature ALIBI memory that is a warranty for safety and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are available to users as well.

The ALIBI memory allows to record up to 500 000 weighment records. 


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