ratiolab® Cuvets, Solvent Resistant
  • resistant against polar solvents
  • applicable wavelength range 220 to 900 nm
  • very low variation of extinction values
  • excellent optical transmission range
  • cavity-sorted production
  • embossed areas aside the measuring fields reduces the risk of damaging the cuvette by the cuvette holder
  • path length 10 mm
  • outer dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm
  • supplied in practical styrofoam racks: 100 netidentical cuvets in a styrofoam box with a resealable cover

Product: ratiolab® Cuvets, Solvent Resistant

Model: solvent resistant
Volume: 4.0ml
Packaging: styrofoam racks 1 x 100
Quantity per pack: 100
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